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The Promise


Hosea Initiative fulfills a promise to Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the preeminent doctor who founded the modern abortion movement, who later became a committed prolife leader. The challenge in this promise is to awaken and empower women with truth, and restore life-affirming culture in our time.

This timeline takes you through a series of pivotal moments that led to the creation of what is now the modern-day feminist movement, and highlights those key moments where Dr. Nathanson set out to erase the very movement he helped to build.

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Liberated with Truth 2014 Conference Highlights

In April 2014, Hosea Initiative held our first ever, “Liberated with Truth Conference” in Northern Virginia. Over 100 women attended in Fairfax County—a county that has been considered dead to the Conservative movement for many years. Judging by our crowd, there are clearly many in Fairfax still willing to be Liberated by Truth! During the… Read more »

The Genesis of Hosea Initiative: A Movement is Born

Welcome to Hosea Initiative where a Promise and Truth collide. When I shook hands with Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of what is known today as NARAL Pro-choice America, making him a promise that I would deliver his message and story of deception across America, I didn’t know how it would take shape. The only thing… Read more »

A Different Kind of Grassroots

When one thinks of grassroots, they often picture a mass of people – a crowd of thousands that march, fight valiantly for a cause. One never really stops to think that it begins with just one person – one person who stands up to say, “Enough! I want to make a difference – I want… Read more »


Hosea Initiative fulfills a promise to Dr. Bernard Nathanson to empower women with truth, and restore a life affirming culture in our time.

This commitment expresses itself by:

  • Empowering every woman with her true nature of self-worth, health, prosperity, independence and family.
  • Equipping women with a broader understanding of the history, worldviews, and social policies defining limits and possibilities in modern life.
  • Advancing the genius of enlightened women who value life, faith, family, femininity and their vital role in community leadership.

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Liberate Women With Truth Seminars

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Terry Beatley | President & Founder

Terry BeatleyAfter twenty years working in the insurance and investment business, Terry did what feminists had warned her would be most dissatisfying – she became a stay at home mom homeschooling her children for eight years. While studying American history with her children, she became perplexed as to how America overcame slavery only to dehumanize another category of people – preborn babies.

Terry’s quest for answers led her to research and then interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the “Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys” and co-founder of NARAL. Dr. Nathanson encouraged Terry to teach America how and why he deceived women and gave her his personal parting message to Teach the Truth. She made him a promise that she would.

Terry will soon release her compelling book, Deceiving American Women, written for those on both sides of the abortion issue. In addition, Terry has the goal of making a feature film about the deception, redemption and personal message of the “Abortion King,” Dr. Nathanson.

She was recently accepted into the 2014-2015 Chuck Colson Centurions Worldview Program and is actively engaged in raising funds to make Hosea Initiative into a national organization.

Terry ran a PAC devoted to defeating Planned Parenthood’s “Saving Grace in the Virginia General Assembly”; has worked to awaken Virginians to the domestic and international threat to their parental rights; she has worked toward racial reconciliation by uplifting the principles of American liberty in minority communities. Currently, Terry serves on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Directors.

She is a 1986 Virginia Tech graduate; resides in Virginia with her husband of 28 years and two children and is passionate about liberating women with truth.


Andrea DelVecchio | Managing Director

Andrea DelVecchioAndrea’s formal training and career as an Occupational Therapist prepared her for work in the fields of mental health and special needs resource education. Additional masters level courses in curriculum development and adult education allowed for more focused work in adult program development, project management and public forum communication. Andrea lives in Northern Virginia with her psychiatrist husband of 25 years and their 3 grown sons.

Leslie Davis Blackwell | Communications Director

Leslie Davis BlackwellLeslie Davis Blackwell has been a passionate communicator all her adult life – beginning as a host for an ABC news affiliate’s morning talk show, she has interviewed Hollywood celebrities, prominent politicians, children with special needs, and the elderly. Her media career has included hosting and producing programs/segments on The Today Show, The Rachel Ray Show, CNBC, CBS, A.M. Carolina, and Good Morning Virginia Show. In addition, Leslie is deeply involved in her community, lending her expertise to numerous charitable organizations. Her public relations/media firm has donated services to countless non-profits. Leslie is the Virginia co-coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, sharing her own testimony of her regret for having had two abortions. Leslie is a self-described reformed radical feminist and former pro-choice supporter who now works tirelessly for the lives of the unborn. Leslie is a dedicated mother to her son John, 26 and her daughter Lee, 23. Along with her husband, Leslie and their three dogs live in Richmond, Virginia.

Nancy Schulze | Worldview Education Director

Nancy SchulzeNancy Schulze is the Founder of Congressional Wives Speakers; Co-Founder, the American Prayer Initiative (with Vonette Bright, Founder of the National Day of Prayer) and a graduate of the Chuck Colson Centurions Worldview Program.

Mrs. Schulze is a Washington, D.C. based speaker, having spent several years in show business and New York City, moving on to a national speaking and singing career, and co-hosting a radio show in Florida. She was married to the late Jim Waltermire, Secretary of State in Montana and frontrunner for Governor at the time of his death in a plane crash. She later married 9-term Congressman Dick Schulze from Pennsylvania.

Nancy is on the Board of the Women’s Federal Forum in Washington, D.C., a member of the Council for National Policy, Congressional Spouses and the Congressional Club.

Tricia Powell | Data Management Director

Tricia PowellTricia graduated Magnum Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration. She has managed different projects in various capacities for Sprint, Boeing and AMS. She has worked as an investigator doing background investigations for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and as a Field Manager supervising investigators and performing audits. She currently home schools her children and has a passion for helping women live to their fullest potential.


Gabrielle Jackson | Millenial Engagement

Gabrielle JacksonGabrielle Jackson is a generational change agent passionate about reaching Millennials with the truth. In 2014, Gabrielle released her latest book, 5 Millennial Myths: the handbook to managing and motivating Millennials, and launched The Millennial Solution, a next-generation consulting company that equips leaders with tools to attract, retain and optimize their next generation talent. As a Millennial strategist, Gabrielle works directly with Millennials and helps them become successful at work and beyond. Gabrielle is active in the community, serving as the Millennial Engagement Chair for the Fairfax County Community Engagement Committee. She is currently Miss Fairfax United States, placed second runner up in Miss Virginia United States and first runner up at Miss DC United States. Please follow her @saysgabrielle or

Tish Rothenbach | Abuse Awareness

No PhotoTish Rothenbach is a speaker with RAINN, the Rape Abuse Incest National Network.  She is passionate about helping others heal from sexual abuse. At the age of 30, her life changed drastically when she single handily stood up to the family of origin that wanted to silence her and the abuse they subjected her to as a child. As a speaker with RAINN, she has conducted over 75 speaking engagements since 2012 including newspaper, radio and TV interviews. Her personal story is featured in The Survivor’s Project: Telling the Truth About Life After Sexual Abuse.

She has served in prayer ministry, prison ministry and is a 2009 graduate of She Speaks with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She has a heart to liberate women to live freely from the anguish of abuse.

Gigi McMillan | Visual Branding

Gigi McMillanGigi McMillian, President of Kamisol Style Consultancy, is based out of Northern Virginia. As an honor student and Alumni member of the International Academy of Design and Technology, she chose to step out of corporate America where she served as an Operations Manager and Director of Human Resources Management to become her own business woman.

Overall, Gigi believes that beauty truly lies within and teaching individuals how to reflect that beauty in the best light through fit, color and lifestyle needs that demonstrates who they are without saying a word.

Gigi’s goal is to help individuals find a signature look that works with their lifestyle and teach college students, entry-level employees and mid-mangers about the importance of personal image in the workplace.

Kathleen Johnson | Religious Outreach

No PhotoKathleen’s background lies in the Catholic Church.  She has worked for the Diocese of Arlington for the past 12 years in three different parishes and a myriad of positions: Acting Business Manager, Personnel Manager, and Assistant to the Pastor.  She has been the Assistant Director of Religious Education at St. John the Beloved in McLean, Virginia for four years.  Her volunteer life has been as important to her as her career.  At present, she is the president of the Women’s Council at St. John the Beloved, and as such has been part of increasing the participation of women in their parish church, both in spiritual and philanthropic endeavors.  Kathleen lives in Northern Virginia with her husband of 44 years.


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With your help, we’re redefining what it means to be a feminist in 21st Century America. Together, we’ll give a generation of empowered, enlightened women the truth about the value and dignity of every life, especially their own.

Let’s take this journey together. Get started now!

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